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Ballpark Idioms by The Free Dictionary

It helps people decide whether or not they are willing to spend $10,000 on renovations. While Camden Yards influenced nearly every ballpark built after it, not all fully adhere to its design. Those that deviate to incorporate more modern-looking elements are called retro-modern ballparks.

That cartoon makes by far the most sense of this expression, since ordinarily “out of the ballpark” is a good thing in baseball. Of course, the idea is to keep growing your art over time, but having a ballpark figure for those initial pieces keeps your search more focused. The Padres also host the Links at Petco Park every January, with golfers taking shots onto the playing field from nine tees placed around the ballpark.

Temporary and converted ballparks

This is countered at American Family Field by large panes of glass under the roof. While most stadiums seal up when the roof is closed, others remain partially open, such as T-Mobile Park, whose roof acts as an “umbrella” to shield from Seattle’s frequently rainy weather. Yankee Stadium was a jewel box park, albeit a very large one.

  • Many of today’s parks have followed in this second school of retro.
  • Hordes of fans across generations arrived early to the ballpark to beat traffic, which was predictably nightmarish ahead of Thursday and Saturday’s shows.
  • Colonel ARMSTRONG [Jack, Aircraft Reactors Branch, Atomic Energy Comm.].
  • As a concept, it has applications in business estimates, as well as in everyday life, depending on the circumstances.

Upper deck seating was also reduced to eliminate locations which had proven unpopular with fans, and often went conspicuously unsold. Temporary ballparks were used when a new ballpark was planned for an expansion team or moving franchise, but was not completed. This occurred for a few reasons, such as delays or a desire to hold off until the deal is settled. In this case, an established building is used as a temporary home, often a minor league park. The first temporary ballparks were not actually used by expansion teams but by established franchises. When the Dodgers and Giants moved to California from New York, they played in Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and Seals Stadium respectively while Dodger Stadium and Candlestick Park were being built.

Until 1963, the ballpark’s dimensions were 375 ft down the foul-lines and 500 ft to center-field. Customers were expected to include airport terminals, ballparks, train stations, etc. It’s funny that most speakers assume the expression has something to do with hitting or kicking a ball within a sports field , and yet it actually derives from the landing of a spacecraft onto a field.

Accounts receivable may be less than the printed numbers, but they’re in the right ballpark. Picture of how many fossil power plants may be “stranded” by climate policy—that is, shuttered before they’ve recouped their costs. The expression existed long before 1960 and I can find examples . Taking into account the different sizes of the corpora, it seems to occur just over 3 times more frequently in AE. 1960 Galveston Daily News 8 Sept. 2/2 No ‘ball-park’ figure is available on the exact dollars and cents hike which would be required to earn this percentage.

Why does “ballpark” mean “approximate”?

Ballparks may have round swooping fences or rigidly angled fences, or possibly a significant change in direction or irregular angle. For example, the center field stands and the left field stands at Fenway Park meet at an uneven angle, creating an indentation (called “the triangle”) that angles sharply back into the stands. In Citi Field and Oracle Park, part of the right field fence juts unevenly into the outfield as if the builders were trying to create an unpredictable ricochet effect for balls hit against it. Some “retro” parks, such as Globe Life Park in Arlington, throw in a sudden and small inward turn just to give a little quirkiness to the design. Milwaukee’s Miller Park was designed, with the help of former player Robin Yount, to promote extra base hits. Therefore, the term “retractable-roof ballpark/stadium” is not a description of the overall architectural style of the building, but of the functional aspect of it.

Farther from the infield on either side are the dugouts, where the teams and coaches sit when they’re not on the field. They are named such because, at the professional levels, this seating is below the level of the playing field so as to not block the view from prime spectator seating locations. In amateur parks, the dugouts may be above-ground wooden or CMU structures with seating inside, or simply benches behind a chain-link fence. Inaventu December 12, 2014 I remember when I needed to get some repairs done on my house, I called a general contractor and he started listing all of the things that needed attention. I asked him to give me a ball park estimate on the cost of repairs, and he said $20,000 or so.

ballpark means

I said I thought that if we get this additional money in 1959 we would probably need about a million more here in 1958 to build up to that effort. — “Outer Space Propulsion by Nuclear Energy,” House Subcommitte on Research and Development, Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, 22 Jan. 1958. Dr. DRYDEN. I have said that in the super booster program it will be in the “ballpark” area of another hundred million areas. So according to Flexner, via Safire, “in the ballpark” to mean “approximately” goes back only to 1962. Oh, and as a bonus, they get to fully deduct expenses from their new ballpark from its revenue-sharing bill.

ballpark estimate

Also a major pro wrestling venue, most notably for NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom.Vantelin Dome NagoyaNagoyaChunichi Dragons1997——Active. Baseball was originally played in open fields or public parks. The name “Field” or “Park” was typically attached to the names of the early ballparks. The heights of the fences can also vary greatly, the most famous example being the 37-foot -high Green Monster in Fenway Park’s left field.

A major divergence from jewel boxes was the layout of the grandstand. The focus was now on everyone in the park having a good view. Columns were missing as with the modern parks, but the upper deck was drawn back and shrunk, while the middle tiers grew in size, causing a stepped effect. The cantilevered upper deck was no longer a large necessity.

The Texas Rangers built Globe Life Field in the retro style similar to their previous ballpark, Globe Life Park. Although they were purposefully built for baseball, some of these stadiums also hosted professional soccer and football teams at times. The Minnesota Vikings played at Metropolitan Stadium during the Twins’ entire tenure there, and the Green Bay Packers played a few home games at Milwaukee County Stadium every year from 1953 through 1994.

ballpark means

The exterior of the later retro-contemporary trio of ballparks progressively evolved further and further from jewel-box or even modern-style parks. Yet, in the stands and on the field they still have the familiar classic feel while implementing the marks of retro (i.e., unique-shaped fences, forest green or other singular color scheme, etc.). Like the jewel box parks, the outfield fences were angled rather than the gradual curve of the newer parks, and often had quirky dimensions. The requirements for minimum distance to the outfield fences were frequently waived during this time.

The playing field

Malcolm Tatum After many years in the teleconferencing industry, Michael decided to embrace his passion for trivia, research, and writing by becoming a full-time freelance writer. Since then, he has contributed articles to a variety of print and online publications, including SmartCapitalMind, and his work has also appeared in poetry collections, devotional anthologies, and several newspapers. Malcolm’s other interests include collecting vinyl records, minor league baseball, and cycling. It is important to be wary of financial professionals using ballpark figures as they can exaggerate the value of an investment to benefit its sale. In finance, ballpark figures are estimates and not accurate representations of the value of an investment, retirement fund, real estate property, software development projects and the like.

Most major baseball parks are oriented with the central axis of the playing field running toward the north or east or some direction between. Major League Baseball Rule 1.04 states that it is “desirable” that the central axis run east-northeast . This is ballpark means to prevent the setting sun from being in the batter’s eyes. In practice, major league parks vary up to about 90 degrees from east-northeast in either direction, but none face west, except for a few which are oriented just slightly west of straight north.

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